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5 Things They Don't Teach You at Fashion School

When you’re in college and start the fashion design program, you get so excited about learning how to make clothes. When you finish the program and go off into the industry, you realize that fashion school didn't teach you everything you needed to know about business, production and sampling.  I know it was a steep learning curve for me, so I'm sharing 5 things that fashion design school didn't prepare me for when I entered the fashion design industry.

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3 Things You Have to Have when Starting a Creative Business

Are you interested in starting a creative business but not too sure what you need to make it easier?  After starting my own fashion clothing brand and failing to manage a start up business, I learned the 3 things you need to do in order to put align yourself with the path to success.

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Rhinestone Tee and Tutu

There are times...special occasions rather...where I often want to make myself something to wear but then I don't.  Or, I start to make myself something and I just never finish it.  The latter is what normally happens.  

My friends from college are throwing me a baby shower (the first of the three to four because I'm blessed) and I think I want to get a little fancy with it.

I was kind of told at the beginning of planning it that the color scheme was black and white, which I love.  It was semi confirmed because I saw one if my friends posting black and white party pictures on good ol' Pinterest.  This could still be a strong assumption but I'm running with it.

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