Delaya Briscoe

Custom Tailored Streetwear Designer creating bold yet classic wardrobe essentials


I design elevated streetwear for the boss-minded woman who want their personal styles to stand out and match their drive and impact

How Can I help You With Your Personal Style?


Is Style Actually Important?

Yes but to make it clear, here are 11 ways your style - or lack there of - can say more about you than you may think.


Where Do I start With my Style?

Get this free guide and learn 7 mistakes that you’re making with your personal style and how to fix it.


I want a Style that Represents ME!

Learn more about how to develop your signature style with me or get a one of a kind custom made for you!


Hey, I’m Delaya!

I’m a tailored streetwear fashion designer for the ambitiously creative and driven woman. I’m here to up level your style and help you confidently show up as who you are from the very first glance that’s thrown your way.

There once was a moment where I too didn’t care about my style because…well…too much life got in the way. Eventually I got with the program and started getting intentional about my style, which led me to feel more confident in my self and my capabilities. Now I want the same for you!