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Revolve, H&M, Lack of Diversity and MLK Day.

Revolve doesn't have enough diversity in their campaigns, H&M put a black boy in a monkey hoodie and I felt like a fraud trying to post on Instagram on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Here are my personal thoughts about being a person of color and where I stand in this movement.

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DIY: Headwrap that Fits Your Personal Style

I love my natural hair, but sometimes (a lot of times), I just don’t feel like doing it.  Either I’m too tired, just not motivated or my hair becomes a little unruly.  No matter the reason, I find myself wanting to tie the sucker down!

The issue?  Finding a cute scarf that fits my style.  I am very selective and the headwrap that I choose to wear out the house is no exception.  Don’t care about the headwrap I go to sleep in, just the one people see me in.

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3 Things You Have to Have when Starting a Creative Business

Are you interested in starting a creative business but not too sure what you need to make it easier?  After starting my own fashion clothing brand and failing to manage a start up business, I learned the 3 things you need to do in order to put align yourself with the path to success.

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