5 Personal Style Updates of 2019

Is it too late to get in on the “2019” posts? I mean…better late than never, right?

If you’ve been following along, then you know that I recently settled on a niche as a designer. In October of 2018, I buckled down and claimed that I create custom tailored streetwear for the ambitiously creative. Since then, I’ve become even more bold and decided to specialize in outwear first. Mainly because coats, jackets and blazers have the power to turn me on and make my toes curl. Not an exaggeration. Will I work on other things and projects? Yes, of course, but I’m excited to formally learn…YouTube and Google…tailoring techniques and bespoke practices and translate them to luxury streetwear items.


Now, with pinpointing my current design voice and niche, I’ve realized that my personal style…when purposefully thought about…follows along the same lines. The lines of tailored streetwear. Where I appreciate the ease and edge of a dope graphic tee but take it a notch further and style it with a blazer; where denim pants are life but styling with a classic black loafer is everything. I’m here for the effortlessly regal look.

I’m also here for continued mindset work, investing in myself and my word of the year: challenge. I want to…I will develop my signature style and curate a closet I can be proud of. I will be intentional about my purchases…and will actually make purchases. As this happens, I am challenging myself with my personal style and intend to execute these next five things within the next twelve…eleven months. Some of fun and some are, “you’ve been playin’ yo’self for years, just buy the damn thing already.”

5 Personal Style Updates of 2019

1. Faux Leather Jacket or Duster Plaid Coat.

Or both, but the goal is to do at least one of them.

I’m a full on Cali-girl and I don’t do cold well. Not even California’s attempt at the cold. I don’t need it and I don’t want it yet I still have to deal with it sometimes. Now, because I live in Southern Cali, I can skate by the winter season kind of unfazed with a layering hoodies. Normally what happens with this though is, function beats looks and I look like I don’t really care about how I show up, which is untrue.

In doing better for all things me, it’s time to grow up and buy a good quality coat that I can pull out 3 weeks out of the year to stay warm. Exaggeration? Yes, but point still there.

Is there a possibility that this may become a design project? Maybe… But either way, adding a pristine wool coat or a strong leather bomber makes my heart melt.


2. All Black Sneakers

It’s nothing new that I love an all black look, especially when I don’t feel all too inviting and want to be left alone. It’s how I stylishly say, “I don’t want to deal with anything today, please don’t bother me.” This is outfit is typically a black hoodie, black pants, black frames and black shoes. Unfortunately, I don’t own a pair of ball black shoes. Not sneakers, no boots, no…well I do have patent leather pointed loafers but they don’t complete the vibe I’m going for. That edge. That attitude. I want an an all black pair of sneakers or combat boots that help me effectively sink into the shadows.

On the other side of the spectrum, I’m going to add a sub-want of all white shoes because they’re so fresh and so clean clean. Both are really a must have…should have…in a curated closet…if they fit your style.


3. Cornrow My Natural Hair

Soo… This was actually a 2018 goal but my hair intimidates me.

I want to learn how to cornrow my own hair, whether after a blow out or straight after a wash. It’s a good style to fall back on in terms of protective styling and knowing how to do it on my daughters hair would be nice. Also, I want wigs in my life because again, my hair is intimidating.

I don’t need it to be fancy or anything, just a few rows going back but sleek and laid, not like I’m the forgotten child. When I learn how to do it, I want to do a styled photoshoot or video where they’re the focus, so i gotta get ‘em right and get ‘em tight! …but not too tight because my edges and I are already going through some problems.

4. Midi or Maxi Skirt

While working on 5 Simple Ways to Style Leopard Print, I came across this one photo of a woman wearing a leopard print maxi and fell in love. It’s really hard to sell me on leopard print…or any animal print for that matter…but this one…this outfit was such the cliche of effortlessly chic, paired with a long sleeve black turtle neck.

I haven’t worn a maxi skirt in years. I’m talking maybe back in college…damn near a decade ago…an actual decade ago. No pressed feelings about that but I’m due for a change. For a challenge. I don’t have a clear cut vision of where I want to go with this just yet… I mean let’s be real, it’ll probably…definitely just be paired with a graphic tee but I’m open. I would prefer some sort of print but I’ve always adored pleated leather maxi’s as well…

5. Red Monotone Outfit

And this. This is the wild card. To say the least. At least for me.

Even without giving too much thought to my style, I gravitate towards dark clothing. Neutral clothing. Blacks, white and shades of grey. I have absolutely nothing against color. In fact, I love it but translated to my closet, color is either subdued and strategically coordinated or reserved for the pop. I love a good pop.

Red is my favorite color. It’s also my power color, hence the red frames on my face. However, my love for red has never surpassed a shirt, a scarf or a pair of shoes. The boldest I’ve gotten is a cute bra and panty set that I enjoyed myself.

Now, how I want to execute this one is still in question. Part of me wants a red mini-skirt but another part of me wants a red coat. …Yup…going from zero coats to about two or three… The ultimate purpose with this challenge is to have fun with it and to step out of my comfort zone because this is something I definitely would not be doing otherwise but with challenge comes growth.


As the year progresses, I’ll strategically work on these 5 personal style updates as I get deeper into creating my own signature style. I want to continue to grow and try new things because one of the things I love most about fashion is the creativity. That and it being a great form of self expression.

And to wrap this up, you’ve just read how I plan to update my personal style for the year. Do you have any plans to update yours? To push your own envelope and try something new? Drop a comment and let me know.