7 Reasons Why Your Personal Style Matters

Up until a year ago, I had a pretty basic morning routine, but it wasn’t the good kind. It wasn’t a morning routine that would assumedly put you on the right path to achieve all your life dreams and supersede a six figure lifestyle. No, it was pretty much the opposite. Instead of being intentional, I’d wake up last minute, throw something on and then leave with no real thought to anything. Especially not about what I would wear for the day. I mean, as long as there wasn’t a prominent stain on anything, I was good. That sounds so cliche but it was so true.

Honestly, I wish I could blame the kid and say I stopped caring about how I looked when she was born, but my lack of care started way before then. Probably in my college days where I sometimes spent the night under studio tables and dawned the same outfit two days in a row. They were dark times guys… I’ve always been a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers kind of girl, but that’s where my personal style has remained for years. No shifts, no level ups, just a constant ride. That is, until I started to pay attention to my self.

As I took the time to better my mindsets and habits, I noticed that I didn’t like getting dressed, I didn’t like how I was presenting myself and I didn’t like how I felt because of it. To solve this style predicament I came up with the strategy to slowly curate my closet while challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone with personal style updates. I’m still well into the beginning of this personal style journey but it’s already so clear on why having a personal style actually matters.

[If you’re not up for more reading, you can watch the video where I share the benefits of having a personal style.]

7 Reasons Why Your Personal Style Matters

1. First part of the first impression. 

Honestly, people size you as soon as they lay their eyes on you. It doesn’t matter if it’s close up or from a distance, how you look can speak volumes about you before you even open up your mouth. What is it that you want to say? You can show up as a mess and be written off as such or you can show up in all your effort and glory and just shine. It’s your choice.

2. Shows your credibility.

Would you attend a yoga class of an instructor who shows up in combat boots and skin tight jeans? I wouldn't because it easily comes off as someone who doesn’t know what she’s doing. Along the lines of point number 1, people sum you up in the first few seconds. Don’t give them time to second guess you or your abilities because you may not get a second chance. Having a personal style that matches your brand or your brands mission can prove that you know what you’re talking about and what you’re doing. It shows that you’re about that life you claim to be in.

3. Communicates Likes and Values

In today’s day and age, your style can display so much of who you are and what you believe in with ease. For instance, graphic tee’s can give off the best sarcastic lines and also blare the distressed logos of your favorite bands. Do you like things that shine and sparkle, where sequins. Do you like to play it low key, well go for the all-black-everything look. Your personal style can go a step deeper if you consider the materials and techniques used to make your clothes. If you’re super eco conscious, your personal style can convey your values by wearing clothes made only of natural fibers or recycled resources. Maybe you have a minimal wardrobe to lessen the amount of waste the fashion industry contributes to our planet. There’s so many ways to share what’s on your mind through what you choose to wear.

4. Form of Self Care

When you pay attention to yourself, your needs and your feelings, you are performing self care. If you are paying attention to how you feel in what you wear or what image you want to present based on what you wear, you performing self care. When you realize and actualize that your personal style can be a tool to being a better you, you are performing self care. Also, buying something you like - either as a treat or just because is an act of self care.

5. Saves Time

When being intentional with your personal style, you become one with your wardrobe. You’ll easily be able to form a mental inventory of what you have and also be able to create looks within your imagination without having to see any of the items in front of you. This is clutch when you wake up last minute for work or when you have to rush to your night out in the evening. You won’t spend the time rifling through clothes and trying a bajillion things on at a time anymore. 

6. Saves Money

The big issues that come along with purchasing clothes are 1) you’ll purchase an item on the spot because it looks cute and is a “must have” and 2) you shop for a specific event, such as a party or a conference. Why are these issues? Well because in both cases, you don’t think how what your purchasing will fit in with the rest of your closet. Do this enough times and you end up with a hodge podge of a closet where nothing coordinates with nothing.

When you’re aware of your personal style it’s very easy to determine what will and won’t work with the other contents in your closet before picking an item up. Not only that, when you purchase for specific events, you have the opportunity to rework the outfit with other coordinating pieces in your closet and giving everything more use. You’re also aware of items you’re wardrobe is missing and you can easily prioritize those over frivolous purchases.

7. Builds your confidence

At the end of the day, when you look good, you feel good. No matter how vain you may think that is, it’s true. If you don’t already possess it, building confidence takes practice so going out into the world feeling good about how you’re presenting yourself will only build your confidence. It doesn’t hurt that others will notice your effort and you’ll be receiving compliments from others more often. While you’re opinion about yourself is the most important, ego boosts are always welcome.

Creating your own personal style can seem a bit intimidating. Where do you start? What do you do? How do you maintain it? I get it. From personal experience, I can tell you that there’s no need to overthink it. Just start slow, take your time and pay attention to how you feel. Also, Pinterest. Pinterest and a board of style inspiration is key. From there, you’ll be able to start working on your personal style and reaping each and everyone of these benefits.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. Do you think personal style matters at all? Sound off in the comments! Please and thanks!

-Delaya B.

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Your personal style matters more than you think it might. Read this article to find out 7 reasons why your personal style matters and why you should start developing your signature style today!
Your personal style matters more than you think it might. Read this article to find out 7 reasons why your personal style matters and why you should start developing your signature style today!