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How I Found Inspiration for My Personal Style

In a world with so much internet, finding specific information can be overwhelming, even when it comes to something as simple as your personal style. In this post, I’ll share a few online locations where you can look for outfit ideas and style inspiration to develop your personal style and self confidence.

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Long Sleeve Tee With Zip Up Cuffs

Continuing with the DIY Capsule Challenge and creating a 10x10 capsule wardrobe, I made a long sleeve t-shirt with zip up cuffs. It’s a good fall style to dress up or to keep casual. To see how it came out, click the link and watch the video or read the blog post.

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Making a Wrap Camisole

I’m making a 10x10 capsule wardrobe for myself and to kick off the DIY Capsule Challenge, I decided to make a satin camisole first. It’s a good style basic that you can layer over anything in the fall or wear along in the spring. It’s an essential for everyone’s closet. Click to see how I designed and made one for myself.

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