DIY: Headwrap that Fits Your Personal Style

I love my natural hair, but sometimes (a lot of times), I just don’t feel like doing it.  Either I’m too tired, just not motivated or my hair becomes a little unruly.  No matter the reason, I find myself wanting to tie the sucker down!

The issue?  Finding a cute scarf that fits my style.  I am very selective and the headwrap that I choose to wear out the house is no exception.  Don’t care about the headwrap I go to sleep in, just the one people see me in.


I’ve tried looking for headwraps and find that I don’t like too many of them.  The prints are either too bold and colorful or look too dated or the colors are too dry and blah.  My style is very minimalistic with a small pop of attitude.  I need that to be represented by my wrap and that’s why I made a headwrap that fits my personal style.


Mens Houndstooth Button Up - Old Thrifted (keep the cholo vibe, or splurge)
Mid-rise Rockstar Jeans - Old Navy
Roxy Moccasin Slip-ons - Old (updated Roxy pair here, similar here, here, here and a dope option)

I, of course, went for an all black scarf because black goes with everything.  With it, I’m not limited to wearing my headscarf with select pieces of clothing, which is something I always struggle with.

It was super easy to make and something I’ll continue to wear since it’s a headwrap that fits my personal style.  The wrap doesn’t look like I’m trying too hard or forcing something to work that just doesn’t.

You can download the instructions to make your very own headwrap.  Click the image above and download the instructions  When you make it, please share it with me on instagram so I know it's real!  #DIYbyDB and @delaya_briscoe for a chance to be featured!

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