Project Runway: Episode 12 An Unconventional Trip


From Instagram:

Another week, another @projectrunway challenge. I think I've given up writing posts on these challenges... So this challenge was another unconventional materials challenge. The designers had to shop at a farm supply store in Texas and rummage through vintage music things and party things. The idea was to "Keep it Weird". Once the designers finished their first day of work, a twist was given to design another look that would go with the unconventional look and be high end.

So for the unconventional part, I would have gone all out because of the two days. It would have been a big mistake. I was inspired by Salt 'N' Pepa as soon as I saw the comic books at the vintage location. The staples romper is made of strips of opaque plastic party cups, layered in a diagonal directional. The bomber has a twine rope body and black spray painted wood chips and vinyl records for the sleeves. The patches are cut outs of the comic books. For the second look, I wanted to make a mature version of the all black spandex body suit. It's a black body suit with a loser fitting top and cut out at the waist.