Project Runway: Episode 3: Just Fabulous!

I just started this thing and I'm already behind.  Go me.

The second challenge was the Just Fab challenge.  The designers had to create an everyday look that would be suitable for just about every woman.  The look had to work for young and old, slim and plus size, and petite and tall and be versatile in everyday activities and duties.

I feel that I would have rocked this challenge.  Well, my mind now.  I kept thinking of things I would wear now as a mom.  You need clothes that are stylish, comfortable yet easy to move in and easy to put on.  A no fuss look that can be fussed about if necessary. 

To try and be a little accurate with this exercise, I decided to take notes as I watched the episode.  That way, I would have some guideline to stick to and not "cheat" and think of an entirely new concept days later.  Here's the list I came up with.

Delaya Briscoe Project Runway Just Fab

So pretend my sketches were based on that list.  Next, we would have gone to Mood.  Mood is a small drive and I'm not that dedicated to drive their with Ava for some sketches, so I just looked at fabrics on their site.  The designers budget's was $150 dollars.  My idea was to have a fun graphic print to make a simple silhouette look young.  My initial thoughts were to mix prints even though I'm not a print person.  Here are the fabrics I gravitated towards online.

While I did look up the fabrics based on the type of fabrics that would work for my concept, I don't know if they would have actually worked because I haven't touched them.

Just Fab Project Runway Delaya Briscoe Mood Fabrics

For this design I ended up going with the abstract black and white stripe cotton fabric for the bomber/blazer jacket and a semi tailored black satin jogger pant.   As is, I know not every older person would wear this look, but they can definitely be paired with something else that would work for any age.

I'm pretty sure, in the time crunch, I would have stressed like nobody's business.  Making two pieces in one day?  What was I thinking?!  Hopefully I would have finished.

Judgement wise, I think I would have been safe.  In my head, Nina Garcia would have liked my new take on a blazer since she loves a good jacket.

I kind of really want this jacket now.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!