Project Runway: Episode 9: Life is Full of Surprises

I'm not going to lie, I'm ready for this to be over.  It could be because it's taking up a day of posting other content or that repetitively coming up with new concepts that aren't direct copies of the previous week creatively draining.  I'm sure that I'd be going through all the feels if I actually had to sew all of this up on the show.  I'm talking anxiety, doubt, fatigue, annoyance, home sickness...all of it.

Anyway, last week's challenge was a nice one.  The designers, who've been closed off from the world for weeks, were able to see their moms or best friends and were required to design a new look for the next chapter in their visitor's lives.  I know for a fact that if my mom would have walked through that door, I would have cried like a little baby.

For this challenge, I kind of cheated, though.  Instead of going with my mom, who I'm sure would have gone to the show, I decided to use my bestest for this challenge.  #kanyeshrug.

Project Runway Season 15 Delaya Briscoe

This is my bestest friend, Julia.  Yes, we are dorks and call each other bestests.  We've been friends since 9th grade and have grown with each other since.  Despite being friends for so long, this is the first time that I've designed something specifically with her in mind.

Project runway episode 11 delaya briscoe

Because we both have responsibilities, we did our initial brainstorm through texting.  She was down for all of it and wanted more.

The reason why I chose to go with Julia for this challenge is because I was already aware of the next chapter in her life.  She wants to start an elderly friend service to befriend and accompany seniors on everyday errands, who otherwise would be alone. 

As a business woman, you want to present yourself like you know what you're doing.  Julia is also a mother to a beautiful and smart 2 year old, so comfort and functionality are key.  I wanted her look to be very easy but still make a statement; she needed to be able to transition from her elderly business, to motherhood to a possible date night with her husband.

My first round of concepts was a little hard for me.  I had a good grasp of Julia's style already and designing something she'd like wasn't an issue.  My problem was designing for a real body.  Knowing her, I know what she would and wouldn't want to bring attention to.  While keeping that in mind, I was designing for a shorter body frame so silhouette was key.  It was a new experience and something that I should definitely try to do more.

Project runway episode 11 delaya briscoe

For fabric, I knew I wanted a print.  [I've oddly embraced print a lot more by doing this challenge.]  She doesn't like mixing print, but I didn't want her to have a stuffy business suit or to look boring.  She's too young and lively for that. 

She likes a pop color so I was going to go for it until I came across this black and white Marc Jacobs polyester panel print.  I instantly fell in love with it and if it was the right weight, I would have bought it without caring if she liked it or not.  It spoke volumes to me.  And because it's a black and white print, Julia needed her pop color.  I think she'd look great in teal, but green is her favorite color...

Project Runway Season 15 Delaya Briscoe

With the fabric back in the studio, it would be time to get to work.  The problem?  I had no real idea how to use the black and white print that I fell in love with.  The pattern could easily make the body look bigger if placed the wrong way so I would stress and panic a bit until I figured it out.

I turned the print in different directions to make the garment it would be used for more compelling.  I didn't know if I should make it a cape or bomber jacket.  A cape in Los Angeles weather makes no real sense and a bomber jacket just isn't business enough.  What was I going to do?

Project runway episode 11 delaya briscoe

Eventually I got it, and the final design for my bestest consists of a kelly green jumpsuit with a high neck bodice and cowl draped pockets.  It's accompanied with a blocked Marc Jacobs gardenia print kimono.  Being honest, while rendering this look (through Photoshop ;) ), I fell out of love with the look.  In my head, the green jumpsuit just looks so much more captivating.  And I initially thought the kimono would pair great with the jumpsuit but it looks a bit...dare I say it...matronly...

Construction wise. I'd definitely have to be careful about the fit and my sewing.  No mistakes allowed for this simple look or I would be on the bottom.  I'm pretty sure that I could complete this in time as long as I had the fit under control.

As for judgement, if my construction was on point, I would have made it through another week.  What more could I ask for?

Let me know if you think I would've been safe...or this challenge in the comments below!

Project Runway Season 15 Delaya Briscoe