Project Runway: Episode 4: Sink or Swim

So last weeks episode of Project Runway, the designers had to create a bathing suit for Heidi Klum's swimwear line, along with a cover up for a beach day look.

First I'll acknowledge how epic of an opportunity it would be to win and design for Heidi Klum and have it produced for her brand.  Being sold anywhere where there's already a market is great!!

When this challenge was introduced, a lot of the designers were shook because they've never dealt with swimwear and it's materials.  Swimwear is its own niche, so unless you want to be a swimwear designer, you probably aren't going to touch the stuff.  I, however, have dabbled with swimwear in college and am familiar with how to make it.  That would have been my competitive edge.

My problem with the challenge would have been creating my own print for my swimwear textile.  I'm not that great with using patterns in my designs, I've never really tried to create a textile and having a short amount of time on a software I'm unfamiliar with would have been a bit stressful for me.

Now, to the concept!!

I immediately thought of a rock type look and a black and white graphic.  Playing with the rock vibe, I thought my pattern repeat would have something to do with an X.  Here are my initial notes from watching the show.

And with that, I started sketching.  I really wanted to incorporate a buckle on the suit but I couldn't think of a way I would actually like it, so I dropped that idea. 

I went for a look that was a bathing suit but could also easily translate to clothes while walking down the beach.  I really wanted a t-shirt and jeans vibe.  

While sketching, I thought of changing the X graphic to an H because the letter was used as embellishment trim in her line.  It turned out to be a strong and bold graphic.

I ended with a one piece suit with cut outs and interesting straps across the back.  There's a little side boob action.   

I paired the suit with black neoprene shorts that can be worn in the water or just for modesty.  My cover up is a black organza biker vest.  The vest is an easy cover up and statement piece that you really don't see on the market.  Making it out of organza makes the garment look light enough to be worn on a beach.

As a whole, the look can easily be worn on the beach with out a second thought and by many different body types.   

Construction wise, I think I could get it done but I would definitely be biting off a lot for a one day challenge.  Luckily, swimwear is a tiny bit forgive able as long as you cover the goods.

As for judging, I think I would have been in the top.  The judges love graphic prints, my look is versatile and different for a beach.  Nothing was outrageously amazing that the contestants showed, so dare I say, I might have won?  What do you think?