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"I Like It" by Cardi B.: Looks and an Illustration

Last week, Cardi B. dropped the video for her song, “I Like It”  ft. J. Balvin and Bad Bunny from her debut album, Invasion of Privacy. With my first listen of the song, I enjoyed it. It was one of the songs I had on repeat after completing my first listen of the album. Love and I even discussed what she and the record label should do in order to make it a summer banger and that was to remix it by putting J.Lo or Pitbull on it. To be honest, that was Love’s suggestion, not mine, but I was here for the Pitbull mix more than the J.Lo’s. But now I have to admit J.Lo’s song “Dinero” ft. Cardi B. is nice too. Anyways, that’s not the route they least not yet...and we received a colorful and warm video with Miami feels.

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Mood - Diamond in the Back

A fashion mood board created by Los Angeles fashion designer, Delaya Briscoe.  Using references of 1970's fashion and style, the Black Panther Party, Pam Grier, black women with afros, classic Cadillac coupe devilles and New York summers, the images come together as a celebration of strong black women despite the struggles around them.  The edge and strength is in the black and brown tones and the warmth and joy is brought on by the orange and yellow.  Using leather, fur and other textured fabrics, combined with the color palette, this mood is great for fall and winter fashion.

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