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Project Runway: Episode 7: Welcome to the Urban Jungle

This week's episode of Project Runway started off with the designers being able to go on a turn-around trip to Florida to the Universal Resort in Orlando.  While there, the designers got to visit attractions and also learned about their next challenge of designing a look inspired by the ride, "Skull Island: Reign of Kong."

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West Coast Jersey Mini Dress and Novelty Phone Case
Rhinestone Tee and Tutu

There are times...special occasions rather...where I often want to make myself something to wear but then I don't.  Or, I start to make myself something and I just never finish it.  The latter is what normally happens.  

My friends from college are throwing me a baby shower (the first of the three to four because I'm blessed) and I think I want to get a little fancy with it.

I was kind of told at the beginning of planning it that the color scheme was black and white, which I love.  It was semi confirmed because I saw one if my friends posting black and white party pictures on good ol' Pinterest.  This could still be a strong assumption but I'm running with it.

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