5 Easy Ways to Start Liking What You're Doing

For the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to maintain a good day job in the industry.  When I was new to the work force, the job was exciting and I learned something new regularly.  My mob was pretty fun.  As time rolled on though, things changed.

The team I started with has gone their own way and my overall responsibilities have changed.  So much so, to where I am technically a designer but find myself running a brand instead.  I do appreciate the hands on training on someone else’s dime but there was a time where I didn’t see this blessing in disguise.


At one point, it was super hard to get out of bed to go to work. 

My morning thoughts became so negative and I questioned what I was doing with my life on the daily.  It got so bad that I raced against the clock every morning to clock in on time because I waited until the very last minute to start getting ready for work.  So not only was I in a constant negative space, I constantly put myself in frantic situations.  Not a good way to start your morning.

Why was I dreading work so hard?  I’ll tell you.  I didn’t like what I was doing anymore.  I know you’ve heard a bajillion people say, “You should love what you do.”  Well as a semi-professional adult, that’s all well and good, but sometimes it can’t be like that.  Sometimes, we have to get through our day in order to pay bills.  Or you may actually love what you do as a whole but there’s aspects to it that you don’t like and can live without but it needs to get done.

Either way, liking what you do has some game changing benefits. 

When you like what you do, it:

1. Makes doing your work a little easier.

When you at least like what you do, it doesn’t feel like you’re ripping your teeth out as you complete your task.  On a good day, liking what you’re doing can make your time fly by immensely.

2. Brings positivity to your everyday.

When you wake up hating what you’re doing, your day and how you’ll carry yourself is already off to a horrible start.  Once you get above the level of tolerating what you do, you can easily see your blessings.

3. Will help produce better quality results.

It’s really hard to care about doing a good job on something when you’d rather be doing anything but.  When you like something enough, you’ll have a little pride in it and will want to do well.

The benefits of liking what you do go beyond a nine to five.

You should like what you’re doing in your side hustle, in your hobbies, even in your relationships.  This is something you can’t fake.


Now that you know the benefits of liking what you do, here’s a few tips on how you can switch up your mind set.

1. Make it enjoyable.

The easiest way to like something is if you’re having fun doing it.  If you have something tedious to do, counter that dreaded energy with something that gets your spirits up.  I know when I have to deal with a lot of words and numbers, streaming upbeat music from Spotify keeps me going.  On tasks like these, you can find me at my desk with headphones in, lip syncing and dancing accordingly.  Yes, I look like a complete and utter fool but work has to get done.

2. Get support.

This was pretty close to being number one.  You can get physical support, mental support or both, just get some.  It’s the difference between feeling like you’re alone and having someone there to help lift you up.  I’m blessed to have a support system that keeps me out of my feels and pushes me forward to do dope ish.  Just thinking of the support I have makes me want to do better.

3. Don’t exhaust yourself in it.

If you need a break, take one.  Take several and clear your mind.  You don’t need any more negative feels in association to that job, task or person.  That just got a little real.  Take a few moments to clear your mind.  If you’re at work, go have a chat with someone; if you’re working from home, go out and get that milk shake you’ve been craving for forever. 

4. Trouble shoot it.

If you dread something because of how time consuming or difficult it is, why not fix it?  Find and create systems to make your experiences more than bearable.  The faster you can get the job done, the faster you can get onto something you like…more.  Something you more.

5. Challenge yourself.

There’s a good possibility that you don’t like what you’re doing because it isn’t mentally stimulating.  You drudge through it because you have to and get nothing out of it.  Next time, up the ante and your goals a bit.  Give yourself something above average to work towards and feel accomplished when you finish it.


It’s been about a year since that dark unmotivated time in my day job life.  With active (very active) use of the tips above, I appreciate my nine to five a lot more.  It’s still a struggle to get out of bed sometimes (because I’m ultimately lazy, love sleep and my bed is comfortable) but I can honestly say it’s not because I dread going into work!

What about you?  Have you gone through something similar where you’re mentally fighting yourself to get up and do something?  How did you get through it?  Let me know in the comment section below.

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