West Coast Jersey Mini Dress and Novelty Phone Case

I decided to try something new.

After coming across a few artists who produce their work digitally, I decided to give it a try.  My initial thought with digital sketching was that it's kind of cheating.  You have the computer to make nice strokes and can easily hit ctrl + alt + del when you don't like something.  With paper, it's more permanent.

Once I completed this though, I had a little bit more respect for digital artists.  Yes, they can control + alt + del, but digital art comes with its own meticulous needs. There's layers on layers to get the right shading and different types of brushes to use and a bunch of erasing to do.  And that's just at a beginners level.

I sketched the look with pencil first and then scanned it into my computer.  I used Adobe Photoshop to render everything by making different groups for each element.  For example, I had a group for the Tory Burch phone case and inside that group was a layer for the red, a layer for the red shadow, and a layer for each element of the face details.

I definitely will do this again but I want to learn the proper way to do this in Photoshop.  I just used the paintbrush for everything and played with the layer types and opacity.  I also left my original outline from my sketch instead of making it more defined in Photoshop.  I'm sure there are more legit ways than what I used to produce better results.

Take a look at my first digital illustration.  The look features a Topshop west coast jersey mini dress with a fun Tory Burch glamour face phone case, Marc Jacobs disc stud earrings and Topshop velvet choker.  Let me know what you think of the sketch in the comments below.


West Coast Jersey Mini Dress and Novelty Phone Case