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Are you ready to stand out from mass trends and have your personal style match your impact?

I design streetwear with a classic appeal for women who can’t find what they want in stores.

My clients feel bold and valued styling themselves with designer clothing made with them in mind.


Any of this sound familiar?

  • You know having a personal style is good, you just don’t know how to keep your daily style from matching everyone else’s.

  • You feel looked over; as if there’s nothing about you that commands immediate attention or curiosity from those surrounding you.

  • You shop the racks with a strong idea of what you’d like to purchase but you often settle because you can never find anything like it available in stores.

You may be rockin’ a killer style but still feel like it’s not enough. What if I told you that you can have a one-of-a-kind custom clothing item made for you that’ll make you feel both, bold and valued?

Style a custom designed closet essential for years to come.

Here’s what happens during
the Custom Design Stages

Having a custom wardrobe essential made might seem a little baffling or overwhelming. Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty simple! Here’s what you can expect while working with each other to bring your vision to life.

The Inquiry Stage

If you’re ready to stand out from the masses, click here and book your free consultation appointment. We’ll discuss the answers you’ll provide in the custom design questionnaire and I’ll dig a little deeper for inspiration and clarity to fully understand what you want in your custom design. If we feel this partnership is a fit, I’ll send a project proposal outlining the design process expectations, along with a contract and an invoice for you to secure your spot on my calendar.

The Booking Stage

With direction in hand, it’s time for the creative juices to flow. I’ll take the time to gather inspiration and come up with design ideas to show you at our first meeting. We’ll talk about the designs and this is the moment to make any and every change you’d like. The final design is agreed upon and a 50% deposit of the design is invoiced.

The Design Stage

Now that you’re super excited about your custom design, it’s time for me to get to work! To start things off, I’ll take your measurements during the meeting and from there, I’ll start drafting patterns and getting all the needed fabrics to bring your custom to life. We’ll have 1-2 in person fittings to make sure that everything is coming together nicely.

The Delivery Stage

After weeks of intense anticipation, you’ll finally receive your custom design and you can show up and show out wherever you decide to wear it. Feel bold, classic and valued as stand out from the masses and style your custom for years to come.

Delaya Briscoe fashion designer

 Believe me, I get it…

For years, I played it safe with my style and easily faded into the background. As a solopreneur, mom, and fiancé with a full time job and managing home, my style wasn’t even close to being a priority. The irony. Ya know, being a designer and all.

Anyways, that didn’t change until I started practicing self care and intentionally looked at how my style - or lack there of - was making me feel. I felt drab, blah and unseen by the way, but that began to shift as I intentionally embarked on a personal style journey. I bought some pieces here and there but the items that were custom made were the ones that received the most attention and questions. I stood out from those around me and more importantly, I felt heard and seen in a way that I wasn’t before. This is an experience that so many women deserve to have, especially you.


This is for you if:

  • You’re tired of settling for fast fashions and mass trends that you have no input in.

  • You know the value of investing in your personal style is increased confidence and sparking memorable first impressions.

  • You want to feel bold and valued as you continue to inspire change and build up your communities.

This is not for you if:

  • You’re not ready to invest in yourself and expect to barter price

  • You want fast and inexpensive items to keep up with the latest trend

  • You don’t have a clue on what you’d like to have made as a custom and want me to “come up with something” and “be creative”

  • You don’t intend to work together, provide details or meet for fittings in a timely manner.



1. How can I order a custom design?

You can start by clicking here, and scheduling your free custom consultation call and filling out the custom design questionnaire.

2. How long will it take for me to get my custom design?

This will vary based on how intricate you’d like your design and much we stick to the suggested timeline of the project but the average time is about 7-9 weeks

3. I need my custom sooner than 7 weeks, is it possible?

While I’m flattered that you’re considering me to be your personal designer, I’m a firm believer in protecting your own energy. Rushing a custom will only raise my stress and anxiety and will lower the quality of your custom and we don’t want that.

4. How much does it cost?

For us to start working together, there will be a $200 non-refundable fee that secures your position on my calendar and allows me to source and gather inspiration for your design. The cost of the style, depends on how intricate and detailed you’d like your custom design to be. The quality of fabric, the special techniques and the time involved in workmanship can easily increase the value of your custom and your personal style. The cost of your specific design will be provided at our first in person meeting.

5. Do I have to live in Los Angeles to have a custom made?

While it’s preferred to ensure a better fit, you do not have to live in LA. You can have a friend take your measurements and I can mail the presentation to you so you can touch and feel everything. If the end results aren’t to a T because we couldn’t do in person fittings, you can take your custom to a tailor and have adjustments made.

5. How is my custom delivered.

If the delivery is close to head quarters, I can hand deliver your finished custom to you. We can try it on one last time and celebrate together. Otherwise, I will ship your custom using Fed Ex and will require a signature upon delivery to ensure that you actually receive the design you deserve.

6. What is your exchange/return/refund policy?

Since custom designs are made to your request and to your measurements, there are no exchanges, returns or refunds. Slight alterations can be made for local customers who notify me within 10 days of receiving their custom. For long distance customers, you can take your custom to a tailor to have adjustments made.

7. What if my custom is damaged?

Each garment is inspected for damages before it’s shipped and is communicated to the customer if no appropriate solution can be found. I am not responsible for any mishaps or damages caused by the shipping service or wear and tear.